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Rules+Our Crew list



:bulletred: Everyone is accepted to the Crew List :)

:bulletorange: If you want to join the Crew List click Here

:bulletyellow: You may make advertisement or requests in the comments section

:bulletgreen: To make a request please note whomever you wish in the Crew List

:bulletblue: Every kind of art is accepted: Manga, Anime, Cartoons, Animals, Chibi and other.

:bulletpink: If you've had a request from one of our Crew members, feel free to rate them Here

:bulletpurple: If you've done a request or had a request done: submit it to our folders!


:iconanimeace-plz-c::iconanimeace-plz-r: :iconanimeace-plz-e::iconanimeace-plz-w:

:iconamyninkai: AmyNinkai
Prefers: Anime, Chibis, and couple work! sexual/romantic themes.
Likes: Drawing for creative people. c: Drawing sexy stuff, cute costumes, neko people. T 7 T ! So much I like!
Dislikes: Uncurvy characters, but I'll deal if you got one! I don't like work. o^o
Extra: My life is usually based on work at the moment, and then school, but I usually find time to do <3 I am on the Central Time Zone. I am a Southern Bell from Mississippi about to be dropped in CA. XD
Requests: Closed for now
Commisions: You bet your biscuits buttered! I am ready to take on your requests and am gladly open for commissions. I have a paypal account, and if you can't do that, we can discuss another way to transfer money. My Commission I.D. - >…

:iconubermuffins: uberMuffins
Prefers: Anime, People, Objects
Likes: People, Anime-ish, Backrounds
Dislikes: Animals
Extra: Icons, Animations, Moving Backrounds, (Simple)
Requests: Closed.
Commisions: One Person: 1 :points:
An Extra Person: 1 :points: each
A Sorta Crappy Backround: 1 :points: extra
A Good Backround: 3 :points:
An Animal: Those are free because I SUCK at them.
Two Animals (Or more) : 1 :points: extra. (Or, First one is free extra ones are a point each)
Icon: 1 :points:
Animation: 3 :points: more..
AnimatedIcon: 1 more :points:
Crab: 1 :points:
Crabs: 1 :points: for two more

:iconrukato57: Rukato57
Prefers: Animals, Dragons, Pokemon, anything but humans.
Likes: Many things, mostly sheep.
Dislikes: Many things, mostly rude people.
Extra: I wouldn't mind a tip or something. I don't mind critiques either.
Requests: Open.
Commisions: Open.
1 :points: for anything, and 2 :points: if it's a human you want done.

:iconkarlouiie: KarLouiie
Prefers: Anime style also can do animals
Likes: Anyhting really just note me about it
Dislikes: Anthro R18 Mecha muscley
Extra: Just note me to ask
Requests: Closed at the moment
Commisions: Open

:iconblessedguardian: BlessedGuardian
Prefers: Chibis, animals, mythical creatures, anime/ manga
Likes: animals (realistic or cartonn), anime, descriptive requests (i like the picture to fit the requester's tastes), appreciative clients, action/ violence (in pictures anyway...), romance, supernatural/fantasy
Dislikes: wasting my time, yaoi/ yuri, hentai, drawing cars
Extra: Chibis are my specialty. <3
Requests: Closed at the moment
Commisions: PRICES:
sketch/lineart: 5 :points:
simple colored sketch: 6 :points:
Simple shaded drawing: 15 :points:
Detailed shaded drawing: 20 :points:
Animated GIF: 30 :points:
Youtube amv/pv: 50-80 :points:

PICTURE BACKGROUNDS(adds onto picture price):
white: 0 :points:
Transparent: 1 :points:
Abstact background: 1 :points:
Detailed background: 2 :points:

:iconshadow-28: Shadow-28
Prefers: Cartoon, Monster, Humans, Animal, Furry/Anthro
Likes: Monsters, video games, & OCs
Dislikes: People that don't show any interest in the picture you drew them
Extra: I don't do commissions I only draw for free C:
Requests: Closed
Commisions: Don't do them

:iconpetitdevil: Petitdevil
Prefers: Anime/manga,semirealism,chibi,people,half body
Likes: OC's,fanarts, animes,cartoons, webcomics
Dislikes: Furries,R18
Extra: I tend to take a time in a draw XP
Requests: Closed.
Commisions: Don't do them

:iconcocokitty77: CoCoKitty77
Prefers: Anime, manga, chibi
Dislikes: Realism, Mecha
Extra: Requests may take up to a 3 day minimum
Requests: OPEN
Commisions:Chibi line: 10 points
Chibi color: 15 points
Half body line: 15 points
Full body line: 20 points
Half body colored: 20 points
Full body colored: 25 points
Story: 15 points
+5 per page (maximum of 3 pages)
Add a character: +2 points

:icon6uma: 6uma
Prefers: Animals and cartoons
Likes: Animals, manga, flash games
Dislikes: Complaints
Extra: I love making games with flash :D
Requests: Open, but not for flash games
Commisions:Only for flash games.
Prices will vary on it's difficulty level.

:iconsuperkawaiimochi: SuperKawaiiMochi
Prefers: Simple, animated Stamps
Likes: Making Stamps for obscure subjects/fandoms, Slash, Reading/Writing.
Dislikes: Idiots.
Extra: I'll take anything because I'm bored
Requests: Closed
Commisions: Static Stamp: 1 :points:
Animated stamps: 2 :points:.

:iconmehitsuji: neji-1-fangirl
Prefers: Anime/manga,chibis,girls,couples
Likes: Anime/manga,cute type things sorta loli stuff :3,Paint tool sai ,Ocs
Dislikes: Drawing animals (I SUCK AT IT ;w;,backgrounds,hentai, Actually shiped crack ships.
Extra: If you ask me to do a thing from a tv show from Nickalodean or cartoon network or disney channel...whatever im going to say no THAT GOES THE SAME WITH MLP
Requests: Closed
Commisions: I dont need points but it would be appriciated

:iconstarryminds: Starryminds
Prefers: Humans, nice clothes and crazy hairstyles-
Likes: Colourful ideas, dynamic poses, Harry Potter and lotsa other stuff.
Dislikes: Drawing too many characters omghjafkd.
Extra: I can't freaking draw My Little Pony, but everything else I'll give it a try.
Requests: Closed At The Moment.
Commisions: I've got requests. for free. Why would you want to pay?

:iconvollatina: Kazu-thun
Prefers: Humans(can't draw men ;O),chibis,manga....
Likes: nice character designs :3,this group ^^, requests,MMORPG,games CB,Deadelic Entertainment games....gawwwd *u*
Dislikes: Drawing animals ò_Ó why it's so hard to draw you huh?
Extra: I DON'T like to draw in the ''my little pony'' style
Requests: Closed
Commisions: I do requests so why you want to pay? But I don't say no to points :p

:iconxdarknecrofearx: xDarkNecroFearx
Prefers: References, Anime, Portraits
Likes: Males (but can do females) Video games, poetry, yugioh, OCs,adoptables
Dislikes: Not much
Requests: Friends Only
Commisions: Paypal commissions only. May do point sketch commissions. Name your price

:iconcutepoochyena261: Cute Poochyena
Prefers: </b> Human/human-like people, OCs, cats, nothing too complicated^^
Likes: Most animes (Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh are best,) some mangas, fantasy, most animals (I like a good challenge) Fan-fictions (message me first)
Dislikes: Complicated detailing (shading, wrinkles, crazy hairstyles, etc.) No comics, sorry.
Extra: No violence, gore, sexual themes and other PG13-R rated images
Requests: Closed.
Commissions: Check my donation pool for :points: price range

:iconpolardarkness: Polardarkness
Prefers: drawing dragons, animals, realism and manga (chibis too)
Likes: Improving, challenges, animals, manga, colouring & shading *o*, magical creatures, realistic style sometimes
Dislikes: detailed BGs without reference, drawing shoes xD, hentai...
Extra: I also make pixel art, icons, sprites, that kind of stuff...(sometimes)
Requests: Eventually . More Info On Profile.
Commisions: If you want to pay for my drawings it's okay, I will make a great background xD note me if you want a comission. Only points.

:iconkittenswithcream: KittensWithCream
Preferes: Dogs, Cats, Anime(female), peoples OC's/ fursonas and cute things!
Likes: People who respect that I put my time to draw them something.
Dislikes: Criticism Without it been constructive and complicated backgrounds
Extra: Message me for a request and art trades are welcome.
Requests: Open!
Commisions: If its overly complicated or has a lot of characters I may have too ask for points: 5-20

:iconherrlinde: herlinde
Prefers: </b> anime, animals, people, traditional art
Likes: pretty much any style
Dislikes: gore, violence, … I'm not so good with backgrounds =[
Extra: I’d like to improve my work and I like a good challenge, so you can ask me pretty much anything and I’ll give it a try. ^^ I will be honest if I think it’s too much for me to handle, in that case I have to decline your request…
Requests: Closed.
Commissions: I don’t think I’m good enough to charge anything, but I do appreciate donations ^^

:iconplutoniumpresumtuide: A Philosophical Moose
Prefers: Female characters, OCs, and bold colors.
Likes: Lolita clothing, guro, fanart, and a challenge.
Dislikes: realism, drawing characters from a series I don't know of, furries (no offense), and excessive dark colors.
Extra: I'd like it if you would send me a note telling me everything you want in the pic, if you don't tell me I assume you don't have a preference (clothing, background, pose, ect.)
Requests: Closed.
Commissions: are not open cause I don't have a paypal but if you can pay in points we'll talk.
Preferes:Anime and Manga Styled Requests(I dont mind chibis)
Requests:are always open but might be delayed occasionally due to school work

:iconeroticcucumber: EroticCucumber
Prefers: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Anthro, Horror, Surreal.
Likes: Detailed Clothing, Fancy Hair, Zombies, Greyscale/Black and White, FACIAL HAIR.
Dislikes: Pastel Colours and guys that are super bishified.
Extra: I love art trades, but I'm not asking for anything in return :)
Requests: Pretty much always. Note me. :)
Commisions: Generally no.

:iconmistrissthehedgehog: Mistriss the Hedgehog
Prefers: anything cool and cute
Likes: pokemon, fakemon, sonic OCs and FCs, dragons, and some animals
Dislikes: realistic-related, lots of details, people
Extra: I can do requests either fast and slow, yeah, it depends ^^;
Request: Sketchs Are The Only Requests I Take.
Commissions: Open (for sonic FCs only)

:iconvolcoidkoko123: Volcoidkoko123
Prefers: drawling chibi humans.
Likes: drawling backrounds.
Dislikes: trying to drawl in an old style
Extra: commmissions are 12-20 points.
Request: open
Commission: open

:iconannamae411: Annamae411
Prefers: OCs, canon characters, PG13, humans, girls, humanoid.
Likes: Steampunk, lots of references, lots of information, fantasy, creepy, historical, fanfiction, almost anything.
Dislikes: over-the-top tech/gore, obese people, pregnant people, fanservice/sexual scenes, animals.
Extra: I'd prefer commission because, I have NO points, but if you have none to spare, I'll do a request. I don't mind no refs so long as you give a really good description.
Request: ask
Commission: open

:iconkisaraelelementum: Mizutenma
Prefers: Oc's fantasy, couples, esoterics
Likes: Full body,simple poses ( could try difficult),sketch
Dislikes: Coloring ( but i will try if requested)
Extra:Love doing request, but would also like art trades. Contact me i don't bite !
Requests: ALWAYS OPEN!!!!!!!!! SEND ME A NOTE !
Commissions: NO! but would not mind if you send a point or 2 ^^

:iconsweetums-skullums: Sweetums-Skullums
Prefers: Animal OCs.
Likes: Lots Of Details About Image, References, Easy To Do, And Patient People (I Do Take A While).
Dislikes: Not Lots Of Details About Image, No References ( I Can't Wing It! Unless Asked To.), Complex Drawings, Impatient People, And Ungrateful People.
Extra: I Only Do Traditional Artwork, No Computer Artwork. Sorries. I Only Really Do Sketchs (Cross-Hatching Shading), I Don't Really Favor Coloring. If You Give Me A Fave, A Watch, A Llama, Or Some Points. I May Consider Coloring Them. :)
Requests: If You Send Me A Animal OC, I May Draw Them. But, My Requesties Are Closed.
Commissions: Open. Check My Profile For The Prices.

:icontisnman: Tisnman
Preferes: Female forms, Anime...Really anything
Likes: My tablet <3
Dislikes: Drawing Dog Genitals... It's the worst thing in the world
Extra: I need the practice
Requests: I'll do requests and art trades be as vague or as specific as you'd like.
Commisions: n/a

:icon1webrainbowe1: 1WebRainbowe1:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
Prefers: Humans, OCs, fanart, cartoons, digital art
Likes: Youtubers, Minecraft, video games, references
Dislikes: Mary sues, impatient ones, mature content, people who don't say thank you
Extra: Here are the old guidelines which you can read if you want more details:…
Requests: Closed for the moment since school is back D:
Commissions: I currently don't do commissions but feel free to donate at least 1 :points: if you like what I do :D

:iconbapic: Bapic
Prefers: Anime, FanArt, Traditional Art, Cartoon-y to Realism Art.
Likes: To draw everything from my "Prefers" list.
Dislikes: Detailed backgrounds, but I'll do it, if I receive a request for one. I will NOT do suggestive, sexual, discriminatory, prejudice, unethical or racist content. I will also NOT do Digital artwork, for now.
Requests: Closed
Commissions: Closed...for now. Hopefully I'll get them up and running in a couple of months or so.

:iconfruity-lemon: Fruity-Lemon
Prefers: Animals (but no horses or species like that), humans, MLP and anthros
Likes: I like interesting characteres with many different colors.
Dislikes: Boring characteres with one color.
Extra: I won't do sexual, bloody or rassistic themes and I only draw your own characters!
Requests: Closed
Commisions: You can ask me about point comissions, we can talk about the price :)

:iconchrismist: ChrisMist
Prefers: Humans(male and female),vampires,anything else depends
likes: Oc's, anime, manga,
Dislikes: Anthro because i cant do them, Monsters
Extra: I draw for free
Request: Closed For The Moment.
Commissions: nope me fwee :D

:iconmirroredsky: MirroredSky
Prefers: Drawing people
Likes: Drawing all kinds of people!
Dislikes: Drawing Furries >.>
Extra: Requests open/close depending on my current list, just ask!
Request: Again, just ask/check about the status ^^
Commission: Always open!

:iconmisscassie333: Kawaiidoodles
Prefers: Anime, Chibis, and couples!.
Likes: Chibis, creepy characters, cute OCs, and small chibi animals
Dislikes: muscles, complex animals (can't draw em') and furries (sorry i just can't draw em' but they are cute!)
Extra: i may put off the request for a day but just rush me and i'll be good. it is also summer so i'm free!
Request: yes! sketch requests are open (see traditional sketches folder in my gallery)
Commission: open (if ya want digital crappiness)

:iconsapphireangelbunny: SapphireAngelBunny
Prefers: Anime/Manga, traditional,OCs, Fanart
Likes: Chibis, Headshots
Dislikes: hentai, yoai, yuri, gore
Extra: I dont mind having a bit of a challenge but just know that if its animals and backgrounds it may not come out all that well ^^;. I still need practice. So for right now nothing too complicated with animals and backgrounds
Request: Just note me with the details ^^. I can be really fast with a request or very slow it all depends on whats happening in my real life.
Commission: I'm doing commissions now for colored chibis at 10 :points: each. Click on the link in my signature for my details.

:iconmickoluckystar: Mickoluckystar
Prefers: anime/manga, comics, portraits, architecture...
Likes: music, cartoons, traditional art, my bike :D ...
Dislikes: violence, animals, backgrounds,
Extra: I want to improve my drawing skills and try something new so I am up to the challenge...
Request: Closed
Commissions: Open (just send me a note if you are interested)

:iconreality-rebel: *REality-Rebel
Prefers: Dragons, fantasy creatures, OCs, traditional, digital, aliens, fanart
Likes: Dragons, fantasy creatures, The Hobbit, Supernatural
Dislikes: Female human characters
Extra: I do all my requests for free and point commissions are always for points, no cash.
Request: CLOSED
Commission: Currently closed

:iconfan-heart: Fan-Heart
Prefers: humans or animals (I will do hentai type work for commissions)
Likes: Anything just note me if you'd like to know.
Dislikes: I don't really have any qualms with what I draw.
Extras: I will give anything a go. If I am not completely satisfied with the commissions outcome I will make it half price.
Requests: sketches are always open
Comissions: Open (note me for price estimate) not very expensive

:iconjld816: JLD916
Prefers: Anime, girls, people & one person pictures.
Likes: Drawing humans, Traditional art, humans with animal parts, bird wings & cat ears.
Dislikes: Drawing animals and boys but I'm getting better at it so I'll still draw them for you people!
Extra: Ask me in a note if there's anything else you want ^.^
Requests: Open!
Commissions: Open!

:iconmwitu-askari: Lil-Still
Prefers: Animals, Humans - mainly female but will accept male requests. Traditional art.
Likes: OC's, characters and animals with personality.
Dislikes: Mature content, people that don't show any interest in completed requests which are done for free.
Extra: Art trades are also welcome. Any order I receive will be classed as a request - the requester may donate points if they wish.
Request: Open. See 'Extra' and 'Commission.'
Commission: Open.
Traditional pencil portraits from 1 :points:, traditional animal drawings from 5 :points:.

:iconkama-itaetexiii: Kama-ItaeteXIII :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
Prefers: Fandom (homestuck, mlp, superheros, etc), animals, humans, hybrids, anthro, anime, everything
Likes: Fandoms, feral, monsters, couples, everything
Dislikes: Nothing really (at least not art related)
Extra: I'm generally pretty open to anything, but if you're not sure just ask! I'll at least try it.
Request: OPEN!
Commission: OPEN! Note for details!

:iconahyshel: Ahyshel
Prefers: Kawaii Girls, Humans, Oc's, Gijinka(pkmn)
Likes: Any human; boy or girl, Fanart, Furries
Dislikes: Gore, Sexual themes etc.
Extra:I only do traditional c: I LOVE ART TRADES, I repeat I LOVE ART TRADES!
Request: Prefers Art Trades, but Open~
Commission: Open too~ Send note if interested^^

:iconsmileymonkeylurvesu: SmileyMonkeyLurvesU
Prefers: OCs, people, nekos.
Likes: Creative and unique characters, cute things c:
Dislikes: Animals.
Extra: All requests will be traditional until I get my tablet hooked up again.
Request: Open
Commission: Closed (for now)

:iconkam-fox: Kam-Fox
Prefers: furry, monsters, OCs, gore, people (portraits especially), games, other fanarts
Likes: FUUUURRRYYYYYY! You have some furry-related request? YOU COME TO ME >: D And also I like drawing fantasy stuff a lot, so any games requests would be cool~
Dislikes: Drawing Manga, realistic traditional drawings (except portraits)
Extra: Usually I'm drawing only headshots :v
Request: On hold :I
Commission: Open! Prices are on my profile~

:icontaoretaihai: DyerDexter
Prefers: Anime, Known Characters, Original Characters
Likes: Original Characters, Traditional Art, Digital Art, Improving
Dislikes: Pixel, Expensive Commissions, Rip-offs from existing characters
Extra: I do Requests, Commissions, Art Trades, Kiribans, and Collabs! Feel free to ask me~ <3
Request: Yep
Commission: Cheapish Commissions, both digital and Traditional, along with shirt commissions, information on my profile

:iconyashagirl24: yashagirl24
Prefers: gijinkas, pokemon, anime/manga people, original OCs
Likes: anything as long as I have referances
Dislikes: Hentai, yaoi, yuri (not against it, just cant draw it)
Extra: Im easy going and love requests!
Request: Open
Commission: Dont have a clue what it is but sure, its open.

:iconruskiglon: ruskiglon:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
Prefers: Dragons, fantasy landscapes, people (especially medieval ladies and knights ) fanarts from GoT,LotR,WoW
Likes: everything
Dislikes: galaxy ships
Extra: :):):):):):):):):)
Request: ON HOLD
Commission: OPEN

:iconhnhol: hnhol
Prefers: Humans, animals, manga/anime
Likes: learning about and drawing others' OC's! And skin ;)
Dislikes: drawing: anthro, domestic violence/violence against animals, and broccoli.
Extra: I have a SUPER fast turn-around (ususlly less than a day from when I receive a request)
Requests: Open
Commissions: Closed

:iconjayiarts: JayiArts
Prefers - Anime-like requests
Likes - Idk what to put here, personal likes?
Dislikes - Again, Idk what to put here lol
Extras - same here xD
Requests - Closed
Commissions - Open, varies from $7.50-$20, depending on what you want to be drawn. Message me for details.

:iconcorelle-vairel: Corelle-Vairel :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
Prefers: people, anthro, furry, OC's, gore, pony , cartoon, fanart
Likes: chibi, OC, fanart, pastel colors, yaoi/yuri/hentai
Dislikes: hands
Extra: I'll take all the request ~ Dont be shy
Request: Open, but it may takes some time
Commission: Open, ask for them in note

:iconnee-po: TheChildOfAlyrim
Prefers: Young OCs (8-25), Complicated Clothings, Cute furries (all those manga style)
Likes: Gaming, Anime/Manga, Drawing, Nice people, OCs with complicated clothing C:
Dislikes: Rudeness, rushing me :I
Extra: Art can be traditional or digital depending where I am...
Request: Open
Commission: Closed at the moment

:iconwindyarch: WindyArch
Prefers: humans, or animals
Likes: drawing humans
Dislikes: anthros
Extra: may take 2-3 days
Request: open
Commission: free and open

:iconsour-thoughts: Sour-thoughts
Prefers: Marvel, DC, anime, cartoons
Likes: Females of all types, lean males.
Dislikes: Realism, and dogs. I love dogs I just cannot draw them
Extra: My style varys from a long bodied form to a smaller, short bodied form which can be seen in my gallery. Just let me know which you prefer
Request: Closed.
Commission: Donation appreciated but by no means required

:iconryuusei86: Ryuusei86
Prefers:: CANON HUMAN anime characters, Vocaloids, or UTAUloids ONLY
Likes: CANON HUMAN anime characters, Vocaloids, or UTAUloids ONLY
Dislikes: I will NOT draw anything involving mature content of ANY kind, gender ambiguity / bending, anthropomorphized animals, OCs, or intimacy beyond friendship or familial love.
Extra: Please see my deviant ID and Gallery for sample pieces, as well as my group, #AnimeFanartChallenge (we are always accepting new members)
Requests: Currently open, trades would be great also
Commissions : I will keep original hard copies of traditional media drawings, but otherwise, no charge.

:iconsakimatsu: Sakimatsu
Prefers: Humans, Demons, Machines & Dragons
Likes: Video games, OC, & Naruto
Dislikes: IDK...not feeling appreciated i guess .___.
Extra: I don't mind a lil constructive criticism c:
Request: OPEN
-10 for a sketchs of like whatever eue.
-20 for a lineart of something (I can make it a png so u can color it)
-28 for a colored drawing, 2 more for background………

:iconmayflowermediagames: JParkerMay
Prefers: Females, sexual/adult themes. Burlesque. :censored: ;)
Likes: Gothic.
Dislikes: Animals, anime.
Extra: All art pieces will take less than 2 days. See my page for examples.
Request: Depends, ask me. :dalogo:
Commission: OPEN 10 :points: per art piece.

:iconangelofmercyx: angelofmercyx
Prefers: humans (in my own comic-book/semi-realism style) animals
Likes: videogames, fashion, pretty things, the twenties, hair
Dislikes: crude content, gory drawings, overly sexual drawings, and drawing hands! (but I’m getting better!)
Extra: I may take up to three or four days, but I will get the job done
Request: I take all requests!
Commission: don’t do them.

:iconracerkid72: Racerkid72
Prefers: Traditional Art, Photography
Likes: Landscapes/Waterscapes, Still Life, Music Influenced Art
Dislikes: Manga/Anime (Personal preference)
Extra: I can't draw people.
Request: Please and Thank You
Commission: None.

:iconp3numbr4: P3numbr4
Prefers: Anime/manga (especially one piece and I trying to skecth bleedman style too), humans, clothes designs, cartoon
Likes: One Piece (I bit obviously), video games, Oc's, yaoi and lemon.
Dislikes: Persons there critique too much about a picture.
Extra: actually, my "drawing habillity" is now a bit more "upgraded" since my last drawing and comissions are open too.
Request: Open.
Commission: Also open ( prices~~>… )

:icontophlee: Tophlee95
Prefers: Humans (Mostly women), I´ve had success drawing a bunny and a Shiba dog, OC´s most of all
Likes: OC´s, Female characters
Dislikes: Excesively buff males or furry-like characters
Extra: I draw for free. No comissions (I don´t even know what those are). Examples of work :… ,…
Request: Open
Commission: No

:iconheatphones: Heatphones
Prefers: Chibi, Kawaii, Animals, Pokémons, Pixel, Sprites, Icons.
Likes: My friends, being sassy about what I love, Music, Pixel Art, Tea and many more things.
Dislikes: Talking about what I Dislike. I am positive by Nature.
Extra: I'm not taking all Requests I get asked for, I am choosing carefully which one to do and which not. Check my Request Journal for Information:… Thankies.~
Request: Open
Commission: Open

:icontittleee: Tittleee
Prefers: Canines, Humans/Humanoids, OC, and a good challenge!
Likes: Original Characters, and unique characters. I like a challenge.
Dislikes: Anime, or felines
Extra: Bemyfriend.
Request: Open~ Please note me with details.
Commissions: To freaking lazy to do this! Send points if you feel like it. xDCheck out my wishlist in my gallery~

:iconlittledlopez: LittleDLopez
Prefers: Cartoon, Sketch, Humans (or humanoid creatures), both male and female (I am capable of practically anything you request, but those are my strong-suits)
Likes: TV show-related (esp BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, etc), any fan art really, & OCs
Dislikes: Lack of feedback, rude people, beans
Extra: I'm usually really quite quick. My timing will, of course, vary upon the complexity of the request, but I'm usually done within a day or two. Also, let me know if you want something extra like... a background...
Requests: Open
Commissions: Preferrable. Please commission me. I won't have a set price. Just give me what you think I deserve. Hugs will ensue.

:icononittob: Onittob
Prefers: Animals, Mythical Creatures, Pokemon, Furries/Anthros.
Likes: Video games, animals.
Dislikes: Drawing people.
Extra: I will draw anything except people... Not my forte.
Request: Open for requests 24/7.
Commission: I don't usually do commissions but I will discuss it upon request.

:iconachajapl: AchajaPL
Prefers: Ponies, clop, Gore, icon
Likes: my little pony, TES, pokemon...
Dislikes: human, backgrounds
Extra: my english is bad, Please write directly.
Request: Ask.
Commission: open

:iconpumpkiyn: YureiQueen
Prefers: Animal drawings/Pokemon
Likes: Pokemon
Dislikes: MLP, Human drawings
Extra: Check out my gallery to see how my style of drawing is before you request!
Request: Closed.
Commission: Full Body/Chibi's=10 :points:
Icon=5 :points:
Stamps=1 :points:

:iconfunkydreamer: FunkyDreamer
Prefers:Sonic-related art, cartoon (just name it :D), comics (I mean comic stripe not comic style like Archie, only one page!), animals (cartoony style though), Furry/anthro (no inappropriate things, please), Anime style, fan characters (Like Invader Zim fan chara or Keroro Gunso fan chara, I don't mind any of those), Original stuff are welcomed too
Likes: all of above :D
Dislikes: Inappropriate pictures, BL and GL
Extra: One request per person + they are only sketch requests (digital or traditional) Read my request journal for some requesting rules >>…<<
Request: OPEN
Commission: CLOSED

:iconvivi-chuu: Vhirous
Prefers: Anime (Chibis + Non-chibis), drawing other people's OC, a challenge >3, Yaoi/Yuri and Hentai-related themes uwu
Likes: Cuteness, romance, nostalgic things, creative and original things humans, demons, angels....the supernatural basically XD OH...I LOVE kemonomimi related things!
Dislikes: drawing animals/furries/anthro, It's not my thing, I fail at it DX
Extra: I work on commissions before requests. Depending on how much I have, your request may take a while Or if it's around the time I have school, then requests may take extra long. Summer and other breaks are much easier to work with
Request: Closed at the moment
Commission: Open at all times! See my page for details!~

:iconsukiofthesand: SukiOfTheSand
Prefers: Naruto, OCs, Soul Eater, Humans,
Likes: Literature, I can't draw :P
Dislikes: Nothing, really
Extra: I love writing and it depends on how fast I'll finish the request due to the length and difficulty. I'm truly up for anything. I just want to hone my skills. :) I'm not really into that much anime, but ask me and I can try to do my best.
Requests: Open!
Commissions: Closed :|

:iconmetacat66: Metacat66
Prefers: Animals, Human(oid)s, Anthros, Furries
Likes: Video games, Fandoms, critique (Detailed)
Dislikes: Those disrepecting common curtosy
Extra: When requesting me, include sketch, inked, or colored
Request: Open
Commission: Open

:iconallivegotarerainbows: allivegotarerainbows
Prefers: Chibis, blobs, manga/anime
Likes: Chibis, OC's
Dislikes: Animals, undetailed OC's,
Extra: A tip would be nice
Request: OPEN
Commission: I don't do them

:iconmetarex12: Metarex12
Prefers: Anime/Manga, Writing/Literature, Fiction, etc.
Likes: The Above
Dislikes: Nothing?
Extra: I'm pretty much open to anything. Just can't draw.
Requests: Closed

:icontrc450: TrC450
Prefers: Mature Content, Nudity, Semi-realism, Anime
Likes: Humanoid
Dislikes: Extreme violence
Extra: Outside of dA rules, I'll upload it elsewhere. Critique is always welcome
Request: Open
Commission: Closed unless you want something extraordinary

Prefers: Anime Style, Comic, Fantasy, not too picky
Likes: Fantasy creatures, characters from games and/or animes, OC's
Dislikes: Rude comments, no appreciation for my art
Extra: I HATE asking for money for my art, but I only ask that you #1: Don't sell my art as your own #2: You enjoy it
Request: Always open for requests, please add to my long list!
Commission: Never. Never ever. Unless you insist, I won't ask

:iconlymonz: Lymonz
Prefers: Willing to try anything, though my main style is "anime/manga"
Likes: originality, obscurity, supernatural, OCs, oddballs, FUN PEOPLE, yo mama
Dislikes: DRAWING ANIMALS... and people who don't THANK ME for the drawing. No wussies pls.
Extra: I guarantee to accept Commissions, but ask me anyways for Requests and I'll think about it.
Request: Ask me about it.…

:iconyoko-tan: Yoko-tan
Prefers: Anime/manga, girls (I can draw boys, they'll just look extremely girly), and chibis
Likes: People who leave comments on their own requests, cute girls, detailed OC designs, OCxCanon, yaoi and yuri
Dislikes: Drawing animals (I can do nekomimi, however), extremely un-proportionate bodies for the sake of looking 'sexy'
Extra: I am like Yui: scatter brained and forgetful (don't ask, I just wanted to throw an anime reference in here). That being said, I am also somewhat slow when it comes to art because of school and art block, so if you want to know how your request is coming along, please politely message me once per month at most, politely asking how it is coming along. I need a reminder, not an argument, so please don't do it more often than that or act rude or impatient. I'll get it done eventually.
Request: Open!
Commission: Open, and I actually need to try to raise 120:points: as soon as possible for a commission I want, so although the prices are in my donation page, they are negotiable as well ^-^;

:iconask-stormysoniku: ask-stormysoniku
Prefers: Sonic, Warriors Cats, Pokémon and Sonic Couples
Likes: Sonic, Sonic, Sonic, Sonic, Sonic, YAOI :D
Extra: ....meep....ask box open :D
Request: FREE or to be nice...1 point.
Commison:....What dat? .3. *Forgot* But 1 point to be nice and they are free

:iconakcire98: RangerAkcire
Prefers: Couples, Mermaids/Mermen, Fantasy Characters
Likes: Anime too.
Dislikes: Anthro, Chibis. Just not good at them.
Extra: Visit this for more info.… Feel free to explore my page. Most things you request or commission will be done in a night, but if not, then it will be on a weekend. When school starts I will be very busy with that.
Request: Not open at the moment. Would like some points.
Commission: Portrait: 15 Points
Full Body: 25 Points ...for each character you want me to do.
Background: 1 Point
Special Effects (Bubbles/Flairs/Glitter): 5 Points

:iconxsonicfan5x: xSonicfan5x
Prefers: Animals, Warriors(warriorcats), Pokemon, Sonic, Legend of Zelda, Dragons and beasts, Gifs, </b>Memes, Knights, and Weapons
Likes: All of the above.
Dislikes: Cars, Anime( I dont dislike it, I just cant draw it) and Backgrounds
Extra: :trollface:
Request: Mostly free, but tips would be awesome
Commission: Dont know how so I dont

:iconmarikatzuki: MariKatzuki
Prefers: Chibi, Anime, Cartoons
Likes: DC, Marvel, Video Games, Manga & Anime, OC's,
Dislikes: Mecha's, Complex backgrounds
Extra: References are greatly appreciated, and please be patient for your drawing. Tips would be cool too ^^
Request: Open

:iconraveg64: Raveg64
Prefers: Anthro, Giant monsters/Kaiju, Mecha/robots, and humanish or humanoid ocs.
Like: Drawing, making people happy, and having something to do.
Dislikes: Trolls, having nothing to do, letting his requester down
Extra:I have ususally alot of time on my hands.
Requests: Free and open
Comissions: Pay 5-10 points per commission, and only take if I don't want it or if I say you can.

:iconsummerfier: Shadow-charmer
Prefers: Chibi, OCs, Icons, Traditional drawings, Literature, Buttons, Photo enhancing
Likes: MLP, Pokemon, HP, PJO, Neopets, Minecraft, Dragons, Prophecies
Dislikes: Realistic people portraits, rude people who rush me
Extra: All my drawings are drawn traditionally and scanned, then edited with PS CS6 (if necessary). Feel free to note me about requests^^ For examples etc, just look through my gallery (or ask me).
Request: OPEN, currently, though you should check my profile just to be sure.
Commission: None, I'm doing requests to practice first :>

:iconkayles-jabberwock: dragoncake
Prefers:</b> Anything
Likes: Fantasy creatures, humans/oids, Colour, Black and White, OC's (with descriptions of personalities)
Dislikes:Anything that involves full frontal nudity, backgrounds (however if your willing to pay :points: then i will try my best)
Extra:Will do line/sketch or strip comic pages for free, Can do both digital and traditional
Request: Open
Commission: Full colour comic page 5 :points: per page, 5 :points: if you want a full proper background

:iconemoturtlefrk: emoturtlefrk
Prefers: humans, abstract, and scenery
Likes: romance, couples, fight scenes, mutants
Dislikes: ignorance, hands, drawing animals
Extra: 3 different drawing styles: "sparkly"(digital), "smooth"(digital), and traditional (done on tablet) please specify which style you'd like me to use.
Request: ask first
Commission: 20 points per person, 10 for abstract and scenery.

:iconatavistic-apples: Atavistic-Apples
Prefers: Human/Fantasy, Manga-Shoujo, Graphic novels/Comics (Or American styles)
Likes: Complex, Interesting, challenging work/plots, constructive criticism.
Dislikes: Writer/Illustrator block, realistic, Cliché plotlines, Poor feedback
Extra: Free of charge, (I am trying to improve) Please take into consideration that school is my #1 priority at the moment.(Will try my hardest!)
Request: Open
Commission: Free

:iconsixala: Lisakatzi
Prefers: anime&manga, humans, anthros, anything really.
Likes: chibis, MLP, game characters
Dislikes: backgrounds, feral
Extra: feel free to ask for whatever
Request: open
Commission: open

:iconbunniehkins: Bunniehkins
Prefers: furry, anthro characters.
Likes:wolves, foxes.
Dislikes: ponies, heavy NSFW.
Extra: my commissions are very cheap
Request: not currently, but keep a close eye
Commission: any commission is 10 only, no more, no less and thats for a fully complete drawing.

:icondoskilee: DoskiLee
Prefers: Furry, cartoon :)
Likes: Ponies,Lilo and stitch and league of legends c:
Dislikes: People that only see the negative in my art :C
Extra: i do commisions but they are only for points/cheapish
Requests: Open
Commission: I do Point commish.
Full body : 100 :points:
Headshot(BOOM HEADSHOT) 50 :points:
Simple color 15 :points:

:iconbeasays: beasays
Prefers: People and portraits (any style ->… ).
Likes: Quick drawings and sketches.
Dislikes: Colouring scenes and complex drawings.
Extra: Screen recording when digital painting.
Request: Open.
Commission: I like :points: and :iconrainbowllamasplz:.

:iconchaansan: chaansan
Prefers: Humans, females, one person pictures.
Likes:Yanderes, blood, OCs.
Dislikes: Complicated outfits or requests are a no. So no mecha body armor or furries please ^^
Extra: No hentai, guns, detailed genitals or old people. Gore and some nudity is okay :)
Request: Open, but double check my journal stack just in case.
Commission: Don't do them.

:iconpanzerflight: PanzerFlight
Prefers: Digital, Pixel, Femininity, Sexuality, Color
Likes: Femme Fatales, Monsters, Fantasy, Video Games
Dislikes: Animals, Masculinity, Sci-Fi
Extra: I can do multiple requests for any one person
Request: Open
Commission: Closed {Donations Welcomed}





AGIHA by Monster-BOOOOM AGIHA :iconmonster-boooom:Monster-BOOOOM 1 0 What i do. by mlp-and-anime-rock What i do. :iconmlp-and-anime-rock:mlp-and-anime-rock 3 0 Clowcadian System by ClowcadianFoundation Clowcadian System :iconclowcadianfoundation:ClowcadianFoundation 1 6
Requests {(CLOSED)}
Hi guys! I'm gonna be taking about 15 - 20 requests for practice! Also bc I really wanna start getting into prints and stuff to make money @ conventions and such ahahaha
1. Phantasma from Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School (
2. Mimi Tachikawa Rollerskating (
3. A Happy Coco Bandicoot
4. Gumball + Penny ( )
5. Callie Brigs with kids ( )
6. Taichi Yagami ridind abike ( )
7. Short Haired Serena (Pokemon)
8. kaneki x uta
:iconanabi0sis:ANABI0SIS 4 59
REQUEST - KISAKE by Chocoelats REQUEST - KISAKE :iconchocoelats:Chocoelats 9 18
Free requests! (Closed)
Edit: I'll be closing these when I finish the current requests. Please do not comment on this anymore, thanks!
That's right! I'm gonna be doing some free requests! I want some good examples for my commissions, and so I'll be doing some requests of all different types. 
There's only a couple things you need to know:
First come, first served. 
Please be considerate to everyone else. 
There will be 2 slots per example. (ex: 2 of my painted/lineless style, two sketch examples, two lined examples, etc.)
I will not draw excessive gore, and I will not draw anything sexual. nothing explicit, not even anything implied.
I will definitely draw ponies, cats, and dogs. I will consider humans, but depending on what you want, I may not be able to do it. For other things, feel free to ask! 
Please specify what sort of request you'd like when you ask! If slots are full, though, please don't ask for that type.
You must link either a r
:iconartistic-bliss:Artistic-Bliss 1 97
So I'm open to requests, just comment below or send me a note, but READ THE RULES before sending me anything. Thank you!


1. You must be watching me. Because if not, I'll have to find a way to let you know if I put up the request, and I will be less likely to do another request for you in the future. :(
2. I have the right to refuse any request for any reason.
3. The style that I will be using is random; if I did a sketch and I liked it, I might color it. It depends on what I feel like. This only applies to requests.
4. Describe what you want me to draw, but don't overdo it. The more the information the better, but don't expect me to draw however you want it to be. This only applies to requests as well.
5. I will not draw furries, R18+, or anything that bashes characters, people, or ideas.
6. If you did not like what I made, it depends on me to decide whether or not to re-do it.
7. I'm doing this for fun, not as a job, but
:icondchanna:dchanna 3 54
Request- Benitoite by DandymanKAL Request- Benitoite :icondandymankal:DandymanKAL 1 6 Modesty by Droidigan Modesty :icondroidigan:Droidigan 6 5 Pirate Space Moneky WIP by Droidigan Pirate Space Moneky WIP :icondroidigan:Droidigan 1 9 Imperial by Kam-Fox Imperial :iconkam-fox:Kam-Fox 54 12
Point Commissions
i'm doing point commissions :D I only have one rule My Little Pony. -_- Seriously. I will not do it.  (i was asked to show examples of my work,. All requests will be hand drawn) If you have song lyrics that you want in the picture just let me know :D That part is free.
Coloring is free~
:iconpointsplz: 10 points for a headshot

:iconpointsplz: 10 points for animal Headshot

:iconpointsplz: 13 points for chibi full body
:iconpointsplz: 15 points for a full body
:iconpointsplz: 20 points for more than one character
:iconpointsplz: 20 points for animal full body

:iconpointsplz: 5 for more than on person in drawing
:iconpointsplz:background is 15 points (they will just be a simple color of your choice)
:iconpointsplz: inking is 15 points
:iconpointsplz: Realistic is 30 points 
I'd appreciate it :iconletmehugyouplz: :icondoct
:iconmidoriarainai:MidoriArainai 0 20

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We will NOT respond to any requests for crew list changings unless they are FORMALLY NOTED to the group as stated in the rules. requests-are-open.deviantart.c…

Admins: I've told you this before. Tell them to note, and that we won't help them unless they do

Thanks guys <3
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Her bio:

Name: Shelly davenport

Gender: Female

Hair: Wavy pale blonde elbow length

Age: 16

Eyes: baby blue; soft

nose: Small

Clothing: Green leggings and vine covered green corset

Personalty: Cute, loving, soft, loyal, loves her friends deeply, always has a smile, She controls animals plants and nature not earth

Height: 5'4

bust: Semi big

pets: She has little kodams the height of her ankles that always stay with her usually around 20 but only 3 stay with her at all times
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for details email me

and no trademark on images, or attrition/ any restrictions for use
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